Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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"Essence of Spring" CD


Quick Overview

The first half is a collection of music emphasizing the buoyancy & bright optimistic energy of Spring, while the second half is nature sounds characteristic of the Spring time.
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The first half is a collection of pieces that capture the buoyant enthusiasm and optimism of spring-time, when all Life is blooming. These pieces are interspersed with nature sounds between the selections. The music selections are: The Descent of Spring (from the "Elixir" album), The Pipes of Pan (two wooden flutes played simultaneously), The Winds of Olympus (extended flute solo on ancient Greek scales), Palm Innocence, and Spring Temple Forest (a sacred piece of devic music - taken from the Realms of Light album.). The second half is a full half hour of the sounds of brooks & birds in the Spring time - a nature recording that works very well during daylight. Both the music and the nature sounds have an uplifting effect and are an excellent way to optimistically start the day. This is an excellent album for attuning to nature spirits & fairies, especially since the Pipes of Pan are immediately followed by the sound of fairies laughing. 1st: "The Descent of Spring" (from Elixir album) 4:38 2nd: "The Pipes of Pan" 3:23 3rd: "The Winds of Olympus" 10:54 4th: "Palm Innocence" (an angelic version of a lullaby) 4:24 5th: "Spring Temple Forest" (from Realms of Light album) 6:34 6th: "Brooks & Birds" (half hour of nature sounds) 29:32 TOTAL = 59:25