Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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"Illumination" DVD


Quick Overview

Abstract visual patterns of stunning beauty by Ken Jenkins, with 2 music selections by Iasos and 1 music selection each by Constance Demby, John Serrie, and Thomas Moore. This is an award-winning and trend-setting video.
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A 42 minute program by Ken Jenkins. Music by Iasos, John Serrie, Constance Demby, & Tom Moore, and also a new bonus track with music by Steven Halpern. This video is probably the current state-of-the-art for abstract visual beauty as video. Pure symmetry, grace, flowing colors, and ever-transforming beauty-patterns. The uniquely mesmerizing beauty patterns were created in video by Ken Jenkins, and this program is divided into 5 sections. For the first cut, Iasos composed and synchronized music especially for these inspiring visuals, resulting in "The Fountain of Creation" (now also on the "Realms of Light" album.. In the last cut, Ken created visuals to go with one of Iasos' most famous pieces - "The Angels of Comfort" (taken from his "Elixir" album).. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cuts are by Constance Demby, Tom Moore, and John Serrie, respectively. The 3rd cut is an ecstatic blend of over 7 minutes of gorgeous changing kaleidoscope patterns. This is simply entrancing visual beauty that is ever-evolving - rich tapestries of breath-taking colors - smooth graceful movement. It would be difficult to tire of a video this beautiful! This video is so filled with beautiful patterns that it can maintain fascination/interest even with repeated viewing.