Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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"Timeless Sound" CD


Quick Overview

Designed for extended states of deep uninterrupted meditation, with two half-hour selections, both of which produce a very profound sense of calm and stillness.
Also useful for massage & body-work and for getting peaceful.
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This album has been designed specifically for extended states of deep uninterrupted meditation, and related applications, such as massage & body-work, centering, or inducing an aura of peace, calm, and sacredness. The first selection - "Cloud Prayer"- is an extended continuous half-hour version of the same name piece taken from the "Inter-Dimensional Music" album. It is a musical communion with the nobility and calm of the cloud devas, and deeply communicates their feeling of sacredness. The second selection - "Throne Realms"- is a continuous half hour of music resonating with the stillness and majestic serenity of inter-stellar space. In fact, it is designed for inter-stellar consciousness-projection, or attuning in meditation to very high-frequency Light Realms around the Great Central Sun. 1st: "Cloud Prayer" (extended version) 29:50 2nd: "Throne Realms" 29:50 Total = 59:40