Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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"Realms of Light" CD


Quick Overview

Iasos' recently-completed celestial album - 8 masterpieces of heavenly music. In "3-D Stereo" with headphones. This really takes you to other-worldly realms just filled with Love and Light. Ecstatic!
This is Iasos' best work, and continues where Elixir left off!
Designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music".

Iasos also created "Realms of Light - the DVD" - adding visuals to the music on this CD.
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As with our ELIXIR album, this album is also designed to function as a "Vibrational Gateway" to Celestial Realms - higher dimensions filled with Love & Light. Specifically, through the resonance of sound, this music can function as a "bridge" to connect your consciousness to celestial realms of Light. Using a radio analogy, here's how it works: * Your consciousness is the "radio". * All the celestial dimensions are the various "radio stations" that are available for you to experience. * The music is the "channel tuner": Each musical selection tunes you (synchronizes your consciousness) to one specific realm, and thereby facilitates you directly experiencing that realm. * The "beam" of your Attention is the actual electronic bridge that gets you there in consciousness. Nice thing is - once you become familiar with any particular realm, you no longer need the music to get you there! To summarize, this album is intensely full of heavenly feelings that will make your heart glow. Also, especially with the 3-D STEREO, this album is ideal for consciousness-travel to celestial higher-dimensional realms. Note: This album is designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music". May your travels be filled with Light!