Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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"Jeweled Space" CD


Quick Overview

Designed as a subtle refined background music, to be played at low volume. The first half is cool and soothing, while the second half is warm and nurturing. Ideal for continuous-play.

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This album has been specifically designed as subtle rarified background music, to be played over speakers at low volume, especially if you set your CD player to Repeat. It thus "flavors" your listening space, as incense would. Cut 1 is "The Valley of Enchimed Peace" - a half hour piece of smooth bell-like tones that sustain without any sudden beginning, and that periodically "melt" into chord changes. This has a cool soothing crystalline effect, and is excellent as a non-distracting background for focused mental activity, such as working on your computer. Cut 2 is "The Royal Court of Goddess Vesta" and is an extended half hour version of the second half of "Helios & Vesta", from the "Elixir" album. This has a warm, loving, deeply-nurturing feeling and carries the energy of goddesses proceeding gracefully through space. As the emotional effects of the two cuts complement each other, the continued playing of this at low volume provides a continuous source of refined background music, for a refreshing non-distracting "flavoring" of your listening space. This music is excellent as a soothing background for focused mental activities, like office work or working on a computer, as it soothes without being at all distracting. We've also noticed that young children tend to become very peaceful when this is played.