Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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"Inter-Dimensional Music" CD


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A compilation of the best of Iasos' earliest music creations, emphasizing a great variety of inter-dimensional realms. Very interesting listening. Designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music". This is a CD version of the original record album that was one of the two albums that in 1975 actually began the genre now known as "New Age" music. It also includes 1 bonus track not on the original album - "Angel Play".
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This is the album that began the genre of "New Age" Music, in 1975, along with Steven Halpern's "Spectrum Suite". This is a compilation of Iasos' earliest works, and provides an excellent variety of interesting music for focused listening. This CD includes all the selections on the original LP, plus the bonus track "Angel Play". This can be thought of as a sonic journey through a great many realms - from etheric tropical to inter-planetary - great for "consciousness-travelling" via sound. This album marks the very beginning of Iasos' recording career. It is a cd version of the original record album, as well asthe bonus track: "Angel Play". Designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music".