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"Crystal Vista" DVD


Quick Overview

A pioneering DVD released in 1981, this is Iasos' visualizations to 4 pieces of his own music. The visuals are very colorful and include numerous special-effects and visionary paintings by many of the top visionary artists of that era. Uplifting!
This is an award-winning and trend-setting half-hour program.
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A 30 minute video program by Iasos. "CRYSTAL VISTA" is Iasos' visualizations to four of his own musical compositions. These musical visions take you on an other-worldy journey filled with highly colorful special-effects and heavenly images, creating a captivating and uplifting half-hour experience that remains fascinating even with repeated viewing. "CRYSTAL VISTA" truly transports you on a journey through inter-dimensional spaces. In 1982, Iasos, along with his colleague Ken Jenkins, began what is now known as "New Age" Video, with Ken releasing his video "Beauty", and Iasos releasing his video "Crystal Vista". Ken and Iasos both collaborated on each other's project. The VISUALS: The visuals are a blend of special effects and still-images. The still images include many of the best images by most of the top visionary artists of our age, including Gilbert Williams and many others. In fact, many people think of this video program as a showcase for most of the top visionary painters of our age. Other images are nature photography and special-effects photography. The dynamic special effects include computer graphics, video effects, optical effects by Ken Jenkins, and also numerous film-based effects. Ken Jenkins was the assistant-producer for this project. This video is so densely packed with interesting visuals, that even with repeated viewing, you can continue to notice new things each time you view it. Note: Since this was created in 1980, you should not expect the video-quality or the special-effects-sophistication of current DVDs. The visual quality is somewhat like that of a VHS tape. However, we did re-master it digitally as cleanly as we could.